/^-o/ my favorite game


I’m a picross player!

picross: 46 hours

picross 2: 125 hours

picross 3: 38 hours

picross 4: 51 hours

picross 5: 25 hours

285 hours in total.

 I look at it as a speed endurance test!

XD  It’s been so long since I have been able to sit down and play my 3ds (been playing tomodachi life).

O_O I have an idea for a game but….I think it would be a little too bizarre for peoples head.


One response

  1. I haven’t played much 3DS much either (mostly due to the summer games drought and because I prefer the Vita.) Picross looks like fun. Reminds me a bit of the Logic Puzzles I used to do.

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