SCHOOL-LIVE! first impression

CaptureBetter keep that puppy hidden Lucy. *she could also be Yuzuko long lost sister (Yuyushiki)*

There isn’t really much to talk about in the episodes however, if we were to look at the first half from a psychosis point of view there is a lot to talk about in the first episode.

Yuki Takeya has metal convinced herself that she lives the moe school life with all her friend while in reality the world has been taken over by zombies. I have always wondered how these overly protected (innocence about the real world) girls would cope in a world that isn’t sunshine/fun adventures.

One thing that bugged me: why are the girl’s clothes so clean? I could understand it when we were in Yuki fantasy world but, as soon as we enter reality and we see all the smashed window/dirt the condition of their clothes should change in order to fit the tone (If you look at the manga cover her clothes are dirty and torn).

I’m fascinated to see how yuki’s delusion will get the others in danger. ^_o


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