INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!? ending (reaction)

CaptureWelcome to the hotchpotch of anime.

When I started this anime I knew it was going to be a disorganized mess of genre merging due to its very forced 1st characters introduction episode. I can’t call this your average harem due to the heavy lack of fetishes in fact, all the fetishes you would normal find have been replaced with stories typical story plots that the target audience (horny teen) wouldn’t be that interested in watching.

I feel like the show is trying to capture the vibe of “is this a zombie” Without having to go through the effort of creating an interesting premise or plot. T_o This slightly ironic to me due to the fact I didn’t enjoy the anime of “is this a zombie” (doesn’t mean I don’t think it was good quality) because it lacked the cosy feel of the manga.

Anime fan: Wish this anime was only action.

Manga fan:  wish this anime didn’t consecrate so much on the action.

All the girls are connected together by this house yet, we don’t really see them bonding in the house or even sleeping together in the house making the house as a plot point very pointless at times.

O_O A lot of these stories have nothing to do with the house and at worse a lot of these characters just stand around doing absolutely nothing while the current isolated story takes place. The only consistent character that actual dose anything throughout this anime is the magical girl and even then it feels like it was only placed there for plot conveyance.

Y_Y Can someone design a main male lead that doesn’t look like every other male lead from every harem anime ever made! 

I do think that this anime is a mess yet, it’s a fun mess that will keep you entertained (I was aware of this from the start).


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