odd happenings yesterday

Apparently I had another freak out in my sleep again.

O_O In my dream it felt like someone was painfully pinning my back to the bed while I couldn’t breath but, in reality my body had rolled me flat on my front filling my mouth full of covers. according to DB I was breathing heavy and looked to be in a lot of distress.

*If it was anything like the last one I was most likely yelling in my sleep.*

^-o He sat on the bed  stroking my hair until my head calmed down enough to regain consciousness.

“why didn’t you wake me up?”

“That could have given you a bad shock.”

It nice to have someone around who knows what to do when my mind short circuits.

T-o The reason I was in his bed was because I almost passed out in his front room in exhaustion.

“do you even remember me taking you in there?”

“kind of.”

O_O I always get freaked out by how realistic my brain can make my dreams (I can touch textures and feel wind along with everything being in colour).


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