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Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX demo

^-o This is my first time playing a miku game and i found it to be very addicting.

There two mode in the demo: tapping and button

T-o The odd thing is the button mode can be played as tap game by using the bottom screen…..then what the heck is tapping mode? The only difference is that you have 3 buttons to consecrate on along with the odd directional sweep.

*Tapping mode was 10x more easy then button mode.*

why am I talking about this you might ask? I’m not a game reviewer and i have never really shown interest in talking about them however, in this demo there is one detail that is bafflingly dumb.

I can play this game while looking at the moves and the background at the same time BUT! I don’t think anyone could concentrate on both the bottom and top screen at the same time while in mid playing session.


Y_Y what a waste of money.

Charlotte midway impression


T-o I have a question: why are anime students allowed to bring and play with cutting knives in school? 

The first 3 episodes felt rushed while the next 3 episodes felt like filler… could have easily spread out the first 3 episodes writers!

The first 3 episodes go on about why the head lass hunts people with powers down while trying to force a romance to happen.  For a show with such a big plot dumb during the start there isn’t much to talk about 6 episodes in (nothing worth discussing has really happened).

The death in episode six is only worth discussing because of how out of nowhere it comes. “I’m going to kill you because you took away the boy I liked.” It would have been nice if we had some build up to this scenario because at the moment I’m just sitting here going “what the heck is going on?”.

The entire scenario just comes off as lazy writing to me.

T_T oh, you have to love the cliff hanger “will he be crushed?” ^_^ I don’t know anime, maybe he might get saved by the guy who moves really fast and has saved that other lass many times.

fan service song

^_^ I can’t get this song out of my head.

update 28/08/2015 my head

Since I got back home my head has gotten back to normal….and that really frustrates me. One of the reasons I keep myself occupied is because I really can’t stand listening to the thoughts in my head and how it truly think of other people I see around me.

When I was in school I remember a teacher saying this to me: “Teat everyone as you would what to be treated…except for you. *points at me* you treat people as we told you.”  or the second best teacher line: “They have the right to beat you, they have had a much harder life then you.”  Even my mother remembers getting that told to her when she was in school.

I had a deep contempt for myself and a deep hatred for other students however, the school just kept trying to convince me that I was only shy which was probably one of the things that added to my nervous breakdown.

The doctor I was forced to see told me that I had to join a club and practice social interaction or I would not be allowed to go to college (I picked the town manga club).  *I was literally forced into becoming an anime/manga fan.*  I had heard of manga but didn’t really have the nerve to pursue it (The other option they gave me was to be sent to a group of shy people which I thought was a complete waste of time).

T_o I was 16 when someone for the first time walked up to me and said hello unprovoked.

When I was in college a woman walked up to me and said: “I know exactly who to pair you up with!” *something on them lines.*

Me and my future friend starred at each other in pure silence for 30-60 minutes until I spilled my drink and started to beg for forgiveness. ^_^ We have been the best of buds ever since.

We went to the same manga club and notice.

O_O Do you know what takes the cake? our birthdays are only 6 days apart! (she is 2 years older then me).

If it wasn’t for that manga club I would not be questioning the horrible things that school had planted into my head.

XD final year of high school “You guys have no hope in this world because the government is going to sell everything and you will all be owned by the Chinese.” that was what they truly said to us during our last assembly.

Himouto! Umaru-chan first impression


Product placement! ……why is Miku so angry? 

I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t think this show was a full length anime. If you look at the premise and the basic joke of each episode there is no real way of filling out the air time without over playing  one joke until it’s no longer funny (these kind of joke shows need to be quick and snappy).

This show is about a perfect high school girl that transforms into a toddler (I know the joke is meant to be that when she gets home she is really lazy).

She has huge tantrums, cry’s in order to manipulate people, sneak sweets into the shopping trolley to the point you wonder if she has a concept of money and she even asks her brother to feed her……and you want me to believe she is an A* student?

There is a big difference between being lazy and being infantile.

Current thoughts on Charlotte

I will get round to geting to this midway (maybe tommow) but, for now I think I can make this option open with out took much of a worry of in changing the future.

1. The animation looks pretty and flows well (clearly a lot of hard work has been put into this).

2. I know which character is who with out have to look purely at there features.

  This story/plot to this anime is…………Messy?





The show is so focused on trying to tell a dramatic story that it neglects to ask these questions when it comes to characters interaction.  The characters are Strong and should be pulling to story however,  I find that most of the time it’s just Nao forcefully trying to push the story along so they can fill up the 13 episode.

*In short: The story has a bad flow.*

T-o I’m constantly questioning there description of imperfect power. Long as the power is possible and practical to do what dose it matter if it’s considered imperfect when compared to another power you know?

*It would be more entertaining if the powers were glitchy.*

SCHOOL-LIVE! midway impression

Capture 1T-o I can’t tell if the show wants me to be paying attention to details or not?

By paying attention to story points that irritated I managed to figure out the plot twist in episode 6 very early on (I was about to drop the show because it overly irritating me).

Episodes 4-6 infuriated me! ^_^ which according this show is good.

T-o Miki got pulled down when a zombie grabbed her by the foot and it takes 12 seconds until Yuuri pulls the alarm. When they find Miki she is in the middle of the zombies even though that would be impossible because: 1. she was pulled down into a huge packed group. 2. The zombie had hold of her.

There is no way Miki can be alive. 

Capture3Capture 1

Did no one ells find it odd that there were no zombies or cars obstructing the roads when they were derived to shopping market and how conveniently all the shops that they wanted to go to were not damaged, bloody or had any sign of zombies attacking? Did the shopkeepers lock them before they ran for their lives?????


Is Yuki literally seen as the groups child? O_O I honestly do find this to be really creepy.

Is it just me or is Yuuri is the only girl in the group who doesn’t have a constant wide eyed innocent look on her face?

*o_O I hope the show doesn’t pull a higurashi.*


T_o I starting to wonder if this show is actually about 4 girls in a psychiatric hospital.

wakakozake impression

CaptureXD I forget how many times people would pick on me for having the deep glazed over look in my eyes (no need to use your eyes when your other sense are trying to concentrate). 

A very short anime about a young woman who has a deep respect for the consumption of food.

^_^ When I think about this anime from a creative point of view it’s utter rubbish (all I’m watching I someone commenting in how they like food with animation slapped on top) however, If I was to look at it from a presentation point of view the show suddenly becomes poetic (she goes into passionate detail about how to eat a particular food item).

This is one of them shows that you end up watching from beging to end with no real understanding of what you watched or why. “why am I watching someone eat food?” by the end “she sure dose love food. *turns next episode on*”


^_^ A chicken tried to eat me.

 I’m back and refreshed with a mouth ulcers so big they swell up half my face.

T_T never temp fate! before a i left “it has been a long time since I had an ulcer” Y-Y 3 at the same time in the same place!

To make it worse I bite my tongue.

^_^ I’m fully refreshed and feel that I can finally get back to blogging anime! 

Back 23rd August

I’m so happy to be going away for a week! TT_TT