wolf children movie imprestion


A relaxing movie about how a human mother has to bring up two children who are part wolf all alone.  In the sense of tone and visuals this is a good movie that will keep you entertained……however, if you sit back and think about some moments you start to see problems.

Yuki is telling us the story of this film….which makes me wonder why in the first half of the film when hana (her mother) met her father did all of their meet up stories start with Hana leaving the laundromat? Was her mother obsessed with talking about it?  I know she worked there but a lot of these scenes with her leaving the laundromat could have been cut out.

Another thing that bugged was that Hana never questioned where Ookami (her husband) was getting them birds from? Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense for him to be shot for poaching someone’s birds out of there garden….that and he is a huge wolf!

You would think the discovery of a wolf in the city would gather a lot more attentions then 3-4 people walking by on a bridge.  O_O There is a random woman crying about a wolf being disposed of and no one finds that strange!

Why did Hana force Ame to go to school when Yuki had to really convince her she wanted to go and that she would not turn into a wolf?

Did social services just give up on looking for the children soon as they left the city?


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  1. This was a beautiful movie, which I would recommend to anyone who liked the parenting aspects of something like Usagi Drop.

    I think you are over analyzing the film. The daughter probably just asked her mom how she met her father, what she did for a living when she was young etc. I think the father evaded attention thanks to his keen hunting instincts, until his luck eventually run out.

    Would the death of an animal really attract much attention? It wouldn’t in my city, especially late in the evening with few passer bys in the area.

    I think the mom was concerned about her lively daughter going to school because she kept switching forms without a care in the world. The son was less keen about being a wolf during his younger years.

    As for the social services thing… the sad thing is that many troubled kids slip through the net. Evading them by changing address isn’t as implausible as you may think.

    1. O_O we don’t get wolfs in are cities.
      They were still things that bugged me.

      ^-o I enjoy thinking about what i’m watching (it’s fun to me).

      XD In my village a helicopter landed and everyone was out in the pajamas spreading the words faster then horse with ginger up its bottom.

      T-o It wasn’t a matter of slipping though the system (it’s amazing they found them in the first place). it’s a matter of them being a lazy and uncaring that they couldn’t be bothered to try and track down where this woman had gone.

      1. Most city dwellers probably couldn’t differentiate a wolf from a big dog.

        Attitudes between the residents of a village and those of a city are certainly very different. In a quiet/tiny settlement any little thing becomes the talk of the town. In big towns and cities people just go about their business and don’t care much about what is happening around them.

      2. ^_^ puss we don’t have wolfs here.
        *village gossip is the best.*

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