Bad luck T_T

  1. spay bottle at work went missing
  2. hot water tank at work stopped working
  3. tank on front of my cleaning machine overflowed (might have forgotten to empty it).
  4. went to get a drink but no staff where at the tills
  5. walked a mile away from my second building to discover I had the bin key in my pocket and I had to walk back.
  6. I bought vanilla slice and all the cream to the middle fall out (I just had the top and the bottom left).
  7. I called DB(friend) just to have the quite road next to me suddenly fill with traffic.
  8. When I was about to send a text my mobile fell out of my hands and fell apart on the floor. I managed to fix it however, for the first time ever the plastic casing holding the keypad came loose (fixed it).
  9. T_T someone at work has binned my yellow mop (Have non left and I can’t get a new one until the end of the month).
  10. The outdoor bin would’t come off and even the locks got jammed at one point.

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