SCHOOL-LIVE! midway impression

Capture 1T-o I can’t tell if the show wants me to be paying attention to details or not?

By paying attention to story points that irritated I managed to figure out the plot twist in episode 6 very early on (I was about to drop the show because it overly irritating me).

Episodes 4-6 infuriated me! ^_^ which according this show is good.

T-o Miki got pulled down when a zombie grabbed her by the foot and it takes 12 seconds until Yuuri pulls the alarm. When they find Miki she is in the middle of the zombies even though that would be impossible because: 1. she was pulled down into a huge packed group. 2. The zombie had hold of her.

There is no way Miki can be alive. 

Capture3Capture 1

Did no one ells find it odd that there were no zombies or cars obstructing the roads when they were derived to shopping market and how conveniently all the shops that they wanted to go to were not damaged, bloody or had any sign of zombies attacking? Did the shopkeepers lock them before they ran for their lives?????


Is Yuki literally seen as the groups child? O_O I honestly do find this to be really creepy.

Is it just me or is Yuuri is the only girl in the group who doesn’t have a constant wide eyed innocent look on her face?

*o_O I hope the show doesn’t pull a higurashi.*


T_o I starting to wonder if this show is actually about 4 girls in a psychiatric hospital.


2 responses

  1. After finishing the latest episode, I kind of feel like Miki is the only sane one there and that Rii is about to snap soon. lol.

    I found the lack of cars to be odd too, because you’d think that there would be a lot of cars abandoned. With the mall, I thought it was more believeable though, because it seemed like someone was living there for awhile. The doors to the cinema were closed from the outside, so someone had to do that.

    1. ^-^ I agree that Miki is the most level headed of the bunch.
      Maybe it was her friend that did it?

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