Charlotte midway impression


T-o I have a question: why are anime students allowed to bring and play with cutting knives in school? 

The first 3 episodes felt rushed while the next 3 episodes felt like filler… could have easily spread out the first 3 episodes writers!

The first 3 episodes go on about why the head lass hunts people with powers down while trying to force a romance to happen.  For a show with such a big plot dumb during the start there isn’t much to talk about 6 episodes in (nothing worth discussing has really happened).

The death in episode six is only worth discussing because of how out of nowhere it comes. “I’m going to kill you because you took away the boy I liked.” It would have been nice if we had some build up to this scenario because at the moment I’m just sitting here going “what the heck is going on?”.

The entire scenario just comes off as lazy writing to me.

T_T oh, you have to love the cliff hanger “will he be crushed?” ^_^ I don’t know anime, maybe he might get saved by the guy who moves really fast and has saved that other lass many times.


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