update: 02/09/2015

^_o Not much to report on today. 

made another dragon for my cube.

Made another Hama elf (curse you limited colours!).

Had an argument with my father over the  different types of sugars (it’s not all cane).

To end it all off I’m going to be 23 years old in 8 days.

T_o *just wish I looked 23.*

It would help if I was a little taller (5 feet).

I’m 7 stone (about 100 pounds).

Y_Y  I get very annoyed when someone comes up to me and says “You’re only that weight because your young.”. I watch what I eat and exercise a lot. *For 2 weeks I walked to town (took 2 hours).*

when I’m alone I preform karate. *brown belt.*

I do try to keep myself active when it comes to personal fitness.


6 responses

  1. I hear you. However clinic had told me I shouldn’t be at 7 stone considering our height and should be near the lines just over the 8 marker. even looking at the chart says its bad :p (stupid chart) We do good on the healthy part of the job, just lousy at the lounging around part. And probably likewise, not fond of that either.

    1. I don’t really trust BMI If I’m being truthful.
      ^_^ If I gained another stone I would look like I had a beer belly thanks to the positioning of my scar.

      O_O We burn cal when we use are brains….Y_Ywe need to become potato’s dood!
      T_T sounds like too much work. you would need to find to correct soil,tool and then you would have to worry about the rain *sigh*.

      See you 12th Dood.
      O_O This I might try setting up a D&D game September 13th.

      1. I thought you would say that and I don’t blame you. You weren’t the only one who feared 8 stone. I stayed away from that for years O__O

        And yes it is too much work. Its too much work trying to do nothing when you rather be on your feet DOING SOMETHING!! And it took 5 years from 7.7 to 8.6 highest yet… … =_= “It keeps Leeds happy…” (translating kilo to stone… and yes I still do see 8.6 as a nightmare)

        And of all things: Neither of us want to be potatoes, dood!
        See you on the 12th and that’s great that if we could get D&D at some point. And funnily I’m looking at makeplayingcards.com. My head is rattling because of it, and in a good way too, dood 😀

      2. O_O cor dood! makeplayingcards.com could solve my deck problem (got an xl file filled with states).

        ^_^ hopefully you will like the gift I got you.

      3. I’m hoping you like yours too, dood ^_^ As for me with that site its all figuring to do as what style to play it xD

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