World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman: Episode 3 impression

Build a drive man!  There should be mud tracks in that garden.


Then children should know better than to draw pictures with chalk in the middle of pubic pavement. ^_^ I think you will find that graffiti is illegal (children there age should now better).

XD what’s with the comical music?

O_O Is that Ryou Shirogane from tokyo mew mew?


“Are you ready for me to take your order?” the guy only just sat down, give him some time woman.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m British but, he is actual taking sense when goes on about tea leaves and the proper temperature to optimize the flavor.  T_o A proper tea house should know this….however, to tell a tea house how to make there tea is very offensive (you wouldn’t tell a doctor how to do his job).


He told you what tea he wanted along with the sugar… was it a complicated order?

“Are you from Great Britain?” 

T-o Could you be more specific.  

O-o pyramid tea bags for the win (there is a good reason why I drink tea loose).

Y_Y no one blasphemes ageist tea and gets away with it.

All that wind and not one condiment falls off the tables.

What happen?

well according to the music you’re about to take part in a 16bit rpg adventure.

past the opening


There are only 6 counties attached to this school…..O_O are they only 6 in the world?

That pink haired girl has a very chubby butt.

why is there a girl in the background just sitting there with only her bra and pants on?

T_T I despise you pink haired girl (grow up).

This has zero control over his students.

“Are you a witch from the netherworld?” A normal question you can ask casually.

why is she obsessed with making out with her brother.

O_O who put’s the title card for there episodes 16 minutes into the episode with my rhyme or reason.

“you’re a woman” T-o did you really think it was a man with that body shape.

^_o This wasn’t a bad episode, sure it had it odd moments of madness but that happens in all dramatic shows of this genre. *forgot I did logs.*


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