^_o It’s my birthday

Today I turned 23!

I usually despise birthdays but this year I had cards to open in the morning (that’s thanks to my dad). I usually go out on my birthday meaning that if any cards come during the day I will have to opening them at night before I go to sleep or the day after.

My biggest highlight of the day was entering DB’s house and seeing a stack of gifts piled on the table from his mother (I’m lucky to be given anything on my birthday let alone a pile).

I open the first gift to find something Awesome SUGAR CUBE!

As I opened them up it was revealed to be another Tea set (tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and a butter dish???? we will find a use for it).  XD She got me Tea bags that had strings. *squeeeee.*

  *It’s nice to have a future mother in law who likes you.*

My darling DB found me a glass squirrel and prepared a delicious slow cooked stew.


DB: “sorry I can’t take you out somewhere.”

Icy: “For the last 2 days I have been hoping you would make that awesome stew you only make on special occasions.”

*when I entered the house and saw the slow cooker I was jumping with joy.*

After an endless night of night terrors it was nice to have a great day with the love of my life.


3 responses

  1. Happy b-day Icy : D.

  2. Happy Birthday ^_^!

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