Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club! ending (reaction)


Am I meant to laugh or be disturbed?

When you watch the show from front to back you starts to see a lack of creativity in many of the episodes.  For a show about the gun club/Survival Game Club there are a lot of episodes that just seem to ignore that in important plot point in favour of picking a random word out of a hat and running with it.

Panty episode

Crab episode *They hunt the crab down…doesn’t make the episode anymore funner or entertaining.*

High heels episode

T_o If the anime just wanted to make it about the Survival club they shouldn’t focus a majority of the episodes on showing the audience how much these girls love fantasizing about killing each other with guns!

I didn’t even get the joke in the High heels episode (why was the dog path decorated with strawberries?). Too many jokes fell flat or just too predictable (it’s not funny when you know what’s going to happen).

I found myself overly thinking about the bloody scenarios these girls were pretending to see and how it could turn horrible when they got older (there was an episode where they tried to get a shooting license).

The last episode really confuses me! Did you know the government shoots people with bb guns and then allows them to pretend their own dramatic deaths?  T-o . . . sorry anime but you stretched me sense of disbelief too far.

It’s on the higher level for comedy anime but, it lacks that spark that keeps you laughing constantly.


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