^_o To new anime bloggers

^_^ Yo new bloggers and all the people who read my blog!

Decided I would write this as a post because it good advice for anyone trying to start up a blog and need a confidence boost or motivation.

When I started blogging my average view count was abysmal:


Most of the time I got 1 view a day and If I was lucky a random high number would throw off the statistics.

You count each little goal as a victory no matter how insignificant it might be to other people.

blogging style 

 I can promise you blogging styles don’t happen overnight.

My first started writing anime post they were not good and I didn’t expect them to be. When you start writing you just go head first and write what YOU want to write, don’t think about what other people are doing around you. Many new anime bloggers give up in the first month because they are trying to force themselves to write post that they feel people would want to view, there fear of having someone go to their blog and disagree with them ends up turning the entire post into one huge synopsis.

XD There is a blogger that I have constant arguments with over points of view interpretation of animes however, we don’t hate each other, in fact it’s a lot of fun for you get to learn how someone ells sees it and you never know if that could influence your views during future reviews.

To find a style you like will take a couple of months and lot of experimenting.

Your main goal is to find a style that YOU find comfortable and works with how you post.

E.g. I like to watch many anime at the same time meaning that if I was to do in and episode by episode basis it would take me year to finish anything on my list.

On this blog there are episode by episode reviews but there are only 3 and only one of them is my favorite because each time I turned on an episode it would burn an inner flame in me (“magical warfare”).

*1 episode which is approximately 30 minutes would take me approximately 3-4 hours to look over, take notes and properly reflect on what had just happened or what had been said (even now I still want to re-watch it and attempt a review).*

We want to read what is on your minds new bloggers and don’t feel sacred to say what you think of a show or to comment on any senses during an episode that made you think or react in a particular way.

I’m a log blogger who writes anime impression (first,middle and end) in a laid back causal style. Part of the reason I do it this way was because when I started blogging one of my personal pet peeves was that too many bloggers would fill there reviews with synopsis but only put there actual views on the episode/show at the bottom.

I trimmed away the fat that bugged me about other post and ended up developing the style I use today.

 *High school English teacher: “You should be able to write a synopsis using only 3 sentences.”*


4 responses

  1. I really enjoyed this post and your points about blogging style. I knew I wasn’t going to be a reviewer but I do find my style changing as time goes on, more of myself, which I’m really happy about. I think the “trim away the fat” mindset is actually really helpful advice when revising/editing a post 🙂

  2. I agree that you should write in your own style. A blog won’t last long if you force yourself to write articles you don’t like just because you feel they will generate traffic. I can’t offer much advise though as my daily hits are similar to your 2013 figures. Not that I mind – I prefer a loyal fan base over thousands of lurkers.

    1. Really! I thought you generated loads more tragic then me.

      1. My lack of followers is “tragic” hehe. I have under 300 subs and based on the likes/comments I get most of them are inactive.

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