Tsuritama midway impression


I will let you think up your own perverted joke for this image.

Once again we though out are rods and grip on tight in order to catch that perfect fish all aspiring fisherman want.  I have finally continued following the adventures of these 4 boys as they grow as characters thanks to a strange back story about aliens and self-confidence.

For an anime about fishing there is a lot energy/life emanating from the anime, how could this be? If I look at the show from a basic level all that is happening in each episode is: people dance, there are aliens, people like to fish and talk about fishing equipment.
*There is not that much meat.*

Why am I not bored?

Answer: The show know how to take advantage of it’s anime strengthens.

Anyone who has followed my blog for a long time knows I can tell in a hart beat when an anime was produced by inexperienced staff, straight forward manga conversion, novel conversion or my favorite visual novel conversion (so much hilariously out of place music).

With novel conversions you tend to get  shows that forget to visually show you what the author was trying convey, this inevitably turn their show into one long audio book (so much unnatural talking).

The people who picked this up considered the tone of the book and reflected this by choosing an art style that worked to the shows tonal advantage. They made that book their own and that is an amazing victory for any anime company to achieve.

I think the dance is the ward away an evil dragon of legend however, I think the alien might have another reason why he likes to do the dance but I can’t be 100% sure.

I’m happy with this anime at the moment and will be happy to finish it (if life doesn’t get in the way).


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  1. I’m not into real life fishing, but I liked this show. It’s got a quirky cast of characters.

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