Why not to download games into your ds

I really wanted to play “hatsune miku project mirai dx” but I can’t get hold of a fiscal copy of the card.

^_o I went to the Eshop and was greeted by this: “not enough room on sd card”.

lucky for me I have a DSI with an SD card I don’t use anymore.

Do you know how much memory this game takes up?

17,832 block!    *10,542 left*

That game is the only thing on this card and its the same memory as my standard 3ds SD card (4GB).


One response

  1. I thought the PS4’s hard drive had ample storage space for my needs until I realized how big modern games are. At least for the 3DS you can use inexpensive SD cards. The Vita only uses Sony’s ones which are very pricey.

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