Seraph of the End (Working with 3 volumes)

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Riowner Tias

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If there’s one thing I’m certain of, I am not a fan of vampires, nor am I a fan of vampire stories. However: there is always exceptions somewhere.

Seraph of the End has took my attention on that exception. (Surprisingly 2nd one).   First volume’s blurb I roughly thought it would be a Vampire Hunter story but fighting in a world with few humans left. Though: why not? I’ll have a peek.

Heck was I a little off on my expectation how the beginning would start up. See the poster and think to myself: Hey its Yuichiro, Mikaela his brother/friend and is that some vampire? Ignore that as these two later characters were NOT Mika or a vampire. 😦 BUT…Enough about the insert on why I thought that. What a way start to find the main characters in the Vampire City going about their “livestock” lives.

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