D&D: health and safety gone mad!

XD My book came! *Out of the Abyss (Dungeons & Dragons)*

I began to flick though to make sure there were no printing problems when one of the maps caught my eye.

If you don’t know this book is set in the ultra dangerous underdark  of the forgotten realms. This is a place filled with demons, powerful monsters and things that will generally drive any normal person mad…..Which is why this next question is so odd.

O_O Why is there a handrail?

Who made the handrail? 

Where did they get to wood to make the handrail?

Is this book honestly want me to believe that there where a bunch of underdark creatures (most likely drow/dark elves) that looked at that cliff and decided  it was too unsafe?

person 1: “I know we are surrounded by danger everyday however, we shouldn’t have to worry about falling of the edge on this particular  stretch of path.”

person 2: “what if a monster jumps us?”

person 1: “They might kill us but, we will not fall.”

Why are drow/dark elves associated with the jumping spider? all of the art work I have seen of spiders when it comes to drow are cute unintimidating jumping spiders (even if you make them big they are not scary), you would think they would want to surround then selves with  tarantulas or widows….ANYTHING WOULD BE BETTER!

I guess they are great mascots when it comes to drow charisma.


click me: 5 fun facts on the secret lives of jumping spiders


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