side project : cards

T_o I forget how many side projects I have.

finishing my mothers knitting labels is on the top of my design list however, my biggest personal design challenge is to finish my personal top trump set based on my first story (XD which needs to be rewritten and finished).

If I had a table the deigns for the 30 characters would be done by now.

DB: “Is there more boys then girls?”

Icy: “It’s an even 50/50 split.” 


^_^ Can kind of understand how he got that impression when I look at the list.

O_O I’m not sure if I should turn it into a top trump game for myself or make up a game from scratch (I have all the data that would be needed in the Excel-file).

A lot of math went into this….and a lot of odd confiscations about who would beat who in a running contest (took us hours to compile all the data).

XD The oddest thing about this project is that I can name all 30 of them off the top of my head (along with there powers and personalities).

Capturecard 2

Got the dragon font for that experiment from


3 responses

  1. Hi lea! I’m back in the blogging scene, or at least hope to be, and well I’m also trying to make my own trump card set since I lost my previous, if you’d like, I’m more than happy to help you with yours.

    1. All I need to do now is just complete the Illustrations and decide on a layout I like (I’m trained in multimedia design).

      ^-^ If I just wanted to make a normal there would be zero compilations.
      *uploads 2 images to blog post*

  2. I used to make Dr Who themed Top Trump cards out of paper when I was younger. Gripes, that is nerdy even by my standards.

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