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post 21 anime challenge

Favorite goofy anime character.


Azumanga daioh: Ayumu Kasuga (Osaka)

Hear is a tip anime writer’s: The quite goofy eccentric character will always be funnier then the load and open goofy eccentric.

Quite goofy eccentric characters have the ability to catch you off your guard by lulling you into a relaxed mellow zone until BAM!

All it takes is one word in order to make the scenario funny.

^_^ I wish there were more mellow goofy character in anime.

update 30/10/2015

hello peeps!

I have been working hard at my 3 jobs (occasionally 4) and have finally decided to take a week off.

O_O I must do a good job for my area manager send me all over the place (got to clean my first big shop *5 hours*).

^-o Going to a bored game night Sunday *bliss!*.

I will definitely work some anime into my chill out time during this week off (pile up some impressions).

post 20 anime challenge

Anime character that gets on your nerves.

^_^ so many to choose from!

“Nene Kasugano from Potemayo”


This character gets deep under my skin purely because her original dialogue has clearly gone though a voice synthesizer….WHY! The moe voice is high enough without someone playing with the octaves so cat and dogs can runaway when they speak.

For me she makes the anime unwatchable.

post 19 anime challenge

Most epic scene ever.

epic????? T-o I don’t know many anime that incorporate poems into there shows.

oh, did you mean ” an exceptionally long and arduous task or activity.” o_o Or did you mean “heroic or grand in scale or character.” *Words can have many definitions people!*

^_^ I wonder how many of my followers or people glancing by have seen “Golgo 13: The Professional”.

Whenever golgo 13 is having sex he lays down like a corpse and SOMEHOW makes woman shout out ecstasy as they caress there bodies against his stiff lifeless frame.

Golgo 13: The Professional

post 18 anime challenge

Favorite supporting female anime character.


when I can’t think of one I just look to the definition.


I’m going to cheat by saying the entire house of Amamizukan from “Princess Jellyfish” (excluding the lead female Tsukimi Kurashita).

post 17 anime challenge

Favorite supporting male anime character.

T-o  I can’t choose the same answer i choose for post 3……..hah!


^-o Yuuji Sakamoto “baka and test”

post 16 anime challenge

Anime with the best animation 

Is that TV or movie?

*Sits back and contemplates.*

Kyousougiga had impressive animation for a tv anime.

T-o Any ghibli film excluding Tales from Earthsea and The Wind Rises.

post 15 anime challenge

Favorite animal sidekick,pet or summoning from any anime.

I tend to love them all equally.




post 14 anime challenge

Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you’ve rewatched it. 

Disgaea the anime!


When my friend lent this to me I watched it in full 3 times in one weekend.

^-o I love it so much I got the game and the dvd for myself!

*talking to friend*

Me”The netherwold is very sunny. ♪It’s going to be a bight, bight, bight sunshiny day♪.”

Dub Flonne:”Sarah Flamington”

Me: “Seraph Lamington!”

post 13 anime challenge

Anime character you are most similar to.

Yuyushiki: Yui Ichii and Yuzuko Nonohara.

Yui IchiiYuzuko Nonohara

XD Both charterers reflect 2 sides of my personality (which is why the show is fun for me to watch).