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walked over 4 miles in order to not miss work

No one can say I’m not dedicated to my cleaning job.

The bus  schedule was all over the place today which meant I had make a quick decision: wait however long needs be or walk.

^-O I got to work with loads of energy to spare (good thing I don’t have to be there at a particular time).

Hackadoll the Animation impression

CaptureWhy did they add”the animation”? What was this based on? *Answer:phone app* T_T Are anime companies getting that desperate for ideas?

I now hold hope that one day the windows 10 anime girl will get her own anime showing children of 2015 the power of that system…..of course not that would be a terrible idea.

This short (approximately 8 minutes)anime is about 3 AI  programs that are sent out into the real world in order to help humanity and prove they are not useless failures.

The joke Is they fail at the task…….ha.

Two of the reasons you don’t make anime based of products is:

  1. Don’t have many ideas for episodes.
  2. The creators might be over protective of their product (don’t want you to play around with their established image).

Having an app that sends you 3 AI girls is kind of a cool concept, too bad the anime didn’t really play with it that well in this first episode.

Danganronpa midway impression


^-o For a show were people are constantly dyeing they do a good job with keeping each character distinctive and memorable.

For an anime based on a game its done a good job at translating it into an anime in my option. If this anime was to go through every step of:

  1. Find the victim
  2. Annelize the scenario
  3. Look for evidence
  4. Court case

The episodes would drag on and we wouldn’t be near the end by the 13 episode mark.

The episode gives you enough information to try and solve the murder yourself (loads of fun if you have someone to speculate with). I can see this being a little boring if you are watching this alone having to plod though the same basic layout each episode.

*The story doesn’t really start to revile itself until just over the midway point.*

^_^ This anime makes me want to read agatha christie murder mystery novels.

^-o love fan songs

I need to organize my life in a way that my anime watching habits can fit into it. *sigh* I guess for now I will just have to do what I can (I don’t want this blog to just die).

^-o This has to be one of my favorite fan song I have found on you tube.

^-^ been Ill and sad

O_O It’s so hard to organize my thoughts when my body is running low on energy (makes me think about random topics).

I have been finding work stressful thanks to hearing someone talking behind my back and the staff asking me to do a task I don’t think   i’m allowed to do/I would advise against.

*sigh* at least my Christmas shopping is nearly done.

^_^ Got an epic deal on what I’m getting DB this year.

T_o pain endurance


person: “who is better at enduring pain: men or woman?”

Me: “Pain doesn’t really exist making this question irrelevant.”

The question should really read: who is better at disobeying there brain?  T-o It sounds really daft when you word it as it is.

*It’s more about enduring the damage done to the body then the pain itself.*

Pain is just an electoral message form the brain saying “warning,warning you are causing your body damage.” If you just cut the connecting between the two you wouldn’t feel it however, you would still have to endure any fiscal/internal damage done to the body.

my question would be this to anyone who wants to test this question:

who is smarter: The person who takes there hand out of an ice bucket when they feel pain or  the person who disobeys there brains warning/easy escape just to prove they can endure it.

Why endure it when there is no need to endure??????



I won’t be lonely this christmas

Each year after all the presents are opened in the morning I’m no longer really allowed in interact with my family for the rest of the day. I chose not to be downstairs due to the lack of rom and the fact that I just going to start a fight with my brother or sister and then be blamed for ruing Christmas.

T-T It’s nice having food and drink sent to me upstairs (I spend the day in my parents room for they have tv) however, I still get lonely and a little depressed hearing there cheers down stairs.

This year I asked DB (my boyfriend) if I could just sit alone in his house while he was out. His reply was asking me to join his family for Christmas dinner……….O_O pardon! I don’t get to see his mum very often….which makes me wonder why she likes me. XD

My family is just happy that I won’t be depressed and lonely this year.

^-o My cool skill

There are people who cut paper gradually with scissors.

There are people who glide with  scissors.

 Then there are people who perfectly cut paper with there bare hands. 

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Danganronpa first impression


I love being able to buy anime DVD’s again.

Is there anything more romantic then looking for an anime DVD to watch this your boyfriend/girlfriend. ^ -o I shocked poor DB when he picked up a random DVD and I sporadically said “I have been wanting to see that!”. So now we are watching Donganronpa together (anime is always more fun when you can share banter).

This anime is about a bunch of gifted students who are locked into a school funded by the government and run by a bear that likes to kill people.

T-o…… funded by the government??? This is what makes me think that there is a lot more to this anime then they are letting on.  In one episode (can’t remember If it was one or two) all the students are gathered in a media room to watch a DVD specifically for them.

Sayaka Maizono was shown her fellow idols failing at there dreams however, when you think about everything  Makoto (guy on DVD cover) said when describing her he never mentioned an idol team nor did his memories of magazine covers show them off.  Why would Sayaka Maizono enter a school that didn’t allow her to train with her idol team????

Y_Y I think she was glory hog and didn’t consider how all her exposure was taking away any recognition from her team (the team ended up turning into the Sayaka show). Sayaka entered this school because she forgot about the two other idols that were meant to be her teammates.

^_^ I also think that Kyouko Kirigiri is a cyborg and  Makoto is a ghost (All his family were killed including himself which is why he shows up in the ending credits with all the other dead students).

I only have one question? why did Sayaka and Makoto swap rooms???? wouldn’t it make more sense to share a room if you wanted to feel more safe???

I need to work more on my game.

Do you guys remember when I mentioned the card game I was working on in my free time? XD I kind of pushed it that extra step and I’m now making my own bored game.

I have so much data from my first story that me and DB had no problem coming up with the bored’s design/layout and all the bonus/penalty cards that come with it.

^-^ DB has a table and the art shop has a drawing board…..maybe I should get back into drawing (I’m spending a lot more time there recently).