post 25 anime challenge

Saddest anime death. 


*most sad anime scenes are deaths*

T_o Throughout this challenge have been trying very hard to look at these questions and try and interpret them in a different light however, too many of these question are basically the same question.  I have no idea how no one ells doing this challenge has not lost there temper with it (there are only so many ways you can answer the same question).

I’m sticking with clannad after story.


4 responses

  1. Clannad would be my answer to any anime related to sadness

  2. Well Icy, not sure what you were thinking when you took on this challenge xDD. But you’re almost done – so stick it out to the end :P.

    1. I took on the challenge just so there would be something to post. I love anime and being able to post impression however, my real life work schedule makes it so I don’t have much time to watch anime (Most days I go straight to my boyfriends after work).

      TT_TT It could be a year until I have the chance to get my own home. I don’t want to leave the blog with nothing for that long.

  3. Anime’s saddest moments tend to involve death, but I suppose something like couples breaking up could be classed as teary death free moment.

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