post 26 anime challenge

Best anime fight.

T_o “Nobunagunn”

The last fight in this anime was memorable for the wrong reasons.


Adam Muirhead has the powers of jack the ripper (something do with ancestors I think) and during the last fight discovers that he can also use the mystic powers  Florence nightingale.

She apparently heard voices in her head to help people and when she got older the voices told her to kill victims of jack the ripper with a wheelchair that stabs people.

Y_Y I had to get though hours a laughter when I first watched this.


2 responses

  1. A knife wielding wheelchair sounds deadly – thankfully it can be evaded by climbing up a flight of stairs.

    1. Guess we could modify the chair to trow knifes or even ignite a flamethrower!

      ^_^ I really need to get back into writing.

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