post 27 anime challenge

 Most badass scene from any anime character.

 lets firstly take this question apart(I don’t put ?  on them for they read more as statements then inquiries).

1.O-T badass???  *definition: a tough or aggressive person.*

OH! ^_^ so its not someone who has been stuck on the toilet all day.

2. “from any anime character” I didn’t know we were being restricted during the last 26 question, or maybe they mean objects that had a character of there own.


*character definition: The combination of traits and qualities distinguishing the individual nature of a person or thing.*

In that case I choose lights death note and the many badass things it does.

Death Note


3 responses

  1. Don’t forget the badass chip eating.

    1. ^_^ badass toilet paper!

  2. Light ❤ oh I love him!! 😀

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