post 29 anime challenge

An anime you wish was real.

Any high school anime.

^_^ The idea a teacher coming to the students is a funny novelty to me.

O_O so many memories of everyone eyeing the door so they could get a running start to the next lesson (you had to pray you next class was not far on the other side of the school).

XD You had to be sneaking putting you books in your bag so you could achive the perfect grab for the door.

teacher “You will put them away when I say you can!”

They were more interested in keeping up an image then actually teaching us anything.

No joke, I got told off by a teacher because I wasn’t aggressive enough at the door.

teacher “you need to push your way too the front of the door.”

me”It’s easier to wait for everyone to go though the door.”

*I was always last out the classroom.*


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