GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class first impression

CaptureI wanted to pick something random to try and get me back into watching anime after being away from it for so long.

This anime is about an art and design school….and that it.

Having been an art and design student this anime should have been able to make my giggle just as sunshine sketch did….. Enthuses in it should have. This episode came off more as art tutorial and not a very good one is you can spot the many basic mistakes the students make.

At one point they used gummed tape as masking tape (gummed tape solidifies when wet).

“Draw a quick sketch in charcoal in your book” NEVER DO THAT! Charcoal drawings need to sprayed with a sealant (hair spray will also work) otherwise it will smug.


Can you spot the safety problem with this easel?

f So people might think I’m being mean on this anime and I would say no. If I was going to be mean to this anime I would be mentioning for a comedy anime there are very little jokes, no teachers in any of the classes, none of the students carry around an art book on their person (you normally have your work art book and your personal doodle book) and there constant basic mistakes while using different types of art media would make a 10 year old embarrassed.

TT-TT This anime really disappointed me.


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