Danganronpa first impression


I love being able to buy anime DVD’s again.

Is there anything more romantic then looking for an anime DVD to watch this your boyfriend/girlfriend. ^ -o I shocked poor DB when he picked up a random DVD and I sporadically said “I have been wanting to see that!”. So now we are watching Donganronpa together (anime is always more fun when you can share banter).

This anime is about a bunch of gifted students who are locked into a school funded by the government and run by a bear that likes to kill people.

T-o…… funded by the government??? This is what makes me think that there is a lot more to this anime then they are letting on.  In one episode (can’t remember If it was one or two) all the students are gathered in a media room to watch a DVD specifically for them.

Sayaka Maizono was shown her fellow idols failing at there dreams however, when you think about everything  Makoto (guy on DVD cover) said when describing her he never mentioned an idol team nor did his memories of magazine covers show them off.  Why would Sayaka Maizono enter a school that didn’t allow her to train with her idol team????

Y_Y I think she was glory hog and didn’t consider how all her exposure was taking away any recognition from her team (the team ended up turning into the Sayaka show). Sayaka entered this school because she forgot about the two other idols that were meant to be her teammates.

^_^ I also think that Kyouko Kirigiri is a cyborg and  Makoto is a ghost (All his family were killed including himself which is why he shows up in the ending credits with all the other dead students).

I only have one question? why did Sayaka and Makoto swap rooms???? wouldn’t it make more sense to share a room if you wanted to feel more safe???


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  1. I love the games. The anime is decent although it rushes through a lot of content.

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