T_o pain endurance


person: “who is better at enduring pain: men or woman?”

Me: “Pain doesn’t really exist making this question irrelevant.”

The question should really read: who is better at disobeying there brain?  T-o It sounds really daft when you word it as it is.

*It’s more about enduring the damage done to the body then the pain itself.*

Pain is just an electoral message form the brain saying “warning,warning you are causing your body damage.” If you just cut the connecting between the two you wouldn’t feel it however, you would still have to endure any fiscal/internal damage done to the body.

my question would be this to anyone who wants to test this question:

who is smarter: The person who takes there hand out of an ice bucket when they feel pain or  the person who disobeys there brains warning/easy escape just to prove they can endure it.

Why endure it when there is no need to endure??????




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