Danganronpa midway impression


^-o For a show were people are constantly dyeing they do a good job with keeping each character distinctive and memorable.

For an anime based on a game its done a good job at translating it into an anime in my option. If this anime was to go through every step of:

  1. Find the victim
  2. Annelize the scenario
  3. Look for evidence
  4. Court case

The episodes would drag on and we wouldn’t be near the end by the 13 episode mark.

The episode gives you enough information to try and solve the murder yourself (loads of fun if you have someone to speculate with). I can see this being a little boring if you are watching this alone having to plod though the same basic layout each episode.

*The story doesn’t really start to revile itself until just over the midway point.*

^_^ This anime makes me want to read agatha christie murder mystery novels.


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