Hackadoll the Animation impression

CaptureWhy did they add”the animation”? What was this based on? *Answer:phone app* T_T Are anime companies getting that desperate for ideas?

I now hold hope that one day the windows 10 anime girl will get her own anime showing children of 2015 the power of that system…..of course not that would be a terrible idea.

This short (approximately 8 minutes)anime is about 3 AI  programs that are sent out into the real world in order to help humanity and prove they are not useless failures.

The joke Is they fail at the task…….ha.

Two of the reasons you don’t make anime based of products is:

  1. Don’t have many ideas for episodes.
  2. The creators might be over protective of their product (don’t want you to play around with their established image).

Having an app that sends you 3 AI girls is kind of a cool concept, too bad the anime didn’t really play with it that well in this first episode.


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