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Happy new year!

May you all have an brilliant new year filled with new opportunities!

^_o Anything can happen when you look forward with a spring in you step and a song in your heart.

^-o year stats

Seeing as I was not able to post much anime this year they are way over my expectations. 



Not watched much anime this year.

T-T It just hasn’t grabbed me this year in anyway.

Why don’t I want to watch anime in my free time?


If I was watching it with DB every anime would be amusing in some way.

The visual problem with fallout 4

The problem that  I see with this game had NOTHING to do with what kind of visuals this console should be capable of.

The problem that I have visually with this game is that the character models clash with the background. You can see just how much love went into making sure this world was detailed and explorable however, in contrast you can tell that no one thought to  try and make sure that the people that you were going to see throughout this world would harmonized with the spirit of the game (they look out of place).

*It’s not good when all the humans you meet look like poorly rendered zombies in a world filled with radiation.*

O_O The best way I could describe it is like  placing 64 Mario’s character model into galaxy (the clash would be rip-lash inducing).

If you pick a style go all the way! 

^_^ part from that the game is good.

^-^ went well!

O_O My body was a little numb by the end of the night however, I’m just glad that I managed to last even that long with people my head is not familiar with.

XD I do love what my head picked as a confiscation starter:

me: “At night it is said that ghost sheep roam the streets of Leeds”

other person: “why?”

Me: “It’s just a random legend I know.  It’s kind of like How I know Manchester means breast shaped hill (The man used to be mam).”

other person: “Do you know anything strange about Liverpool?”

Me: “They have a giant banana sheep.”

other person: *giggles*

Me: “You don’t believe me do you?

other person: “No, I don’t believe Liverpool has a  giant banana sheep.”


One day I will convince people you exist Superlambanana!

\^-o/ As tradition on this blog here is what people gifted me 25/12/2015:

  • chocolate: 3 boxes
  • pocket watch
  • whist watch
  • lava lamp
  • 1234 QI facts
  • glass vase
  • newton’s cradle
  • squirrel mug
  • logo lite (bored game)
  • spider brooch
  • The third QI book of general ignorance
  • plush bear
  • body wash
  • perfume
  • jellyfish speakers
  • XD The guide to mushrooms and toadstools!

I’m glad DB waited for me to get to his before he opened his present from me. He was completely speechless when he removed that wrapping paper to find a brand new 1TB xboxone in front of him with fallout 4.



^-^ I’m worried

I always find big events like this to be a lot to take in and very much an exhausting experience. I have no idea how my head is going to react to eating dinner with people I’m not completely familiar with……O_O I sure hope my head doesn’t go into shock (I don’t want them thinking I’m a freak).

*sigh*  I just hope no argument happen.

U-U The last thing I want to do is upset my mother.

^-o Almost Christmas!

I’m not going to be home 25th and the 26th this year (no post these days).

*It would be nice if someone got me a round tea pot this year.*

XD I’m way more excited to see peoples reactions to the presents I got them then actually receiving them.

T_T bad luck

Since Friday I have had nothing but bad luck.

TT-TT It’s 3 days till Christmas and I’m worried that something disastrous is going to happen that will force me to be alone for the entire day.

T-T I think it doesn’t help that I always feel uncomfortable opening presents on Christmas day (I feel like I shouldn’t be there).  Don’t feel emotion that leads to bad things and punishment.

Pokemon platinum part 2

XD Some of these really crack me up! I think some of them are determined by your gender however, I do think a lot of these are regional differences in translation.


Ntsc: Was he a trainer when he was young….?

Pal: Well,I’ll be…..The professor had TM’s….? Next thing, he’ll tell me he battled when he was young.


Ntsc: “Ok, (your name), I’ll act as your mentor. I’ve got a bit more experience then you as a trainer and as the professor’s assistant.”

Pal: “Hey, (your name)! I want to show you a few things. So, follow me!”


Ntsc: “It’s the place that heals pokemon that have been hurt in battle. You can find a pokemon center in most towns.”

Pal: “You can get your pokemon healed if it’s been hurt in battle. You’ll find a pokemon center in most towns.”


Ntsc “(your name), since you’re a novice trainer, you won’t be able to buy many kinds of merchandise.”

Pal: “(your name), since you’re a rookie trainer, you won’t be able to buy very much stuff.”


Ntsc: “Don’t let it bother you!”

Pal: “Don’t worry about it, ok?”


Ntsc: “Oh, that’s right! Don’t you need to let your family know that you’re going to be helping prof.Rowan with the pokedex? You may need to go far away, so I think you should let someone know. Oh, but before you go, heal up your pokemon at the pokemon center. It will be a lot less scary that way. Ok, bye now!”

Pal: “Oh, yeah, right! You should let your family know you’re helping Prof.Rowan put together his pokedex. Sometimes, you have to go far away, so you should let someone know. Oh, but first, go heal up your pokemon at the pokemon center. You’ll be safe then. Ok, be seeing you!”


Ntsc: “Take a quick rest, dear.”

Pal:  “I just made dinner. Take a quick rest, dear.”


Ntsc: “oh, that’s right! (your name), I haven’t shown you how to catch a poekmon. I’ll demonstrate how to catch one, so just watch, OK?””

Pal: “(your name), do you know how to catch pokemon? I’ll demonstrate how to catch one, so just watch, OK?”


Ntsc: “Giggle….See? Isn’t it neat? Actually, It’s better to lower your target’s HP some more than I did. It’s important to get the pokemon’s HP down as low as possible. This is because a healthy pokemon is very difficult to catch. OH, pokemon also get easier to catch if you make them sleep or something by using a pokemon’s move. ”

Pal: “And that’s how it’s done. Actually, I should have lowered that target’s HP some more. Yup, the important thing is to lower the pokemon’s HP as much as possible. See, a healthy pokemon isn’t easy to catch. Oh, yeah. They also get easier to catch if you make one of your pokemon put them to sleep or such.”


Ntsc: “OK, (your name), to get you started, I’ll give you five poke balls!”

Pal: “Here, (your name), I’ll give you five poke balls to get you started.”


Ntsc: “If you have lots of pokemon with you, it will be safer on long trips. Plus, it will be a lot moe fun having your pokemon friends along. OK, I need to get going. Bye, now!”

Pal: “If you have lots of pokemon with you, you’ll be able to travel farther. That way, you’ll have a better shot at meeting more pokemon. See you around!”


Ntsc: “HI, (your name)! are you catching pokemon?…um.. I think you’d feel a lot safer if you were to catch more. you know, like when you need to travel to faraway places. Oh, I know! Don’t you think it’s better to know more about pokemon? Sure it is! I know just the place. Come on! Don’t be shy, follow me!”

Pal: “Hey, (your name)! How many pokemon have you caught? Huh? I think you should catch some more. it might be more of a challenge raising a lot of pokemon… but it’s worth it. The more pokemon you have, the happier you’ll be.hey, that’s right! Don’t you think it’s better to know more about pokemon? Sure it is! There’s this great place for that. Come on! It’s all right. Follow me.”


Ntsc: “That man… what’s he doing?”

Pal: “That guy… what’s he doing?”


Ntsc: “Um…..”

Pal: “Um….excuse me.”


Ntsc: “Huh? what? I beg your pardon? I was just making conversation…”

Pal: “Huh? What? Are you kidding? I was just making small talk..”


Ntsc: “I saw your friend (friend’s name) go in earlier. He could still be in there studying. OK, bye now!”

Pal: “Your Pal (friend’s name) went in earlier. He must still be studying in there. OK, see you around!”


Ntsc: *nothing (before you give the parcel)*

Pal: So, (your name), what brings you? Huh? You’ve got something for me?

Pokemon Platinum dialogue

^_o I  decided to play Pokemon Platinum again because of chuggaaconroy’s new lets play….XD and too my shock I discovered there is a lot of differences between the  dialogue of these two different region games.

Ntsc: “You left your briefcase at the lake!”

Pal:  “You left your briefcase behind at the lake.”


Ntsc: “pardon?!”

Pal: “Wha?!”


Ntsc “Those pokemon are hard to replace. Are you sure about giving them away?”

Pal: “Those pokemon are crucial. You’re giving them away?”


Ntsc: “Professor! Wait for me, please!”

Pal: “Professor! Wait for me!”


Ntsc: I’m sorry. . . Please let me pass.

Pal: Uh, sorry, folks.


Ntsc: “Oh! There you are! Please, come with me! The professor is waiting!”

Pal: “Hi! I’ve been waiting for you! Please, come with me. The prof’s waiting to see you.”


Ntsc: “This is it! Our pokemon Research Lab!”

Pal: “See? This is our pokemon Research Lab.”


Ntsc: “Lets’s go…..”

Pal: “We’ll just go ahead and….”


Ntsc: “Wow, what was that?”

Pal: “What was that?!”


Ntsc: “Your friend sure seems to be really impatient.”

Pal: “Your friend always seems to be in a rush.”


Ntsc: “well, anyway…..Let’s go inside.”

Pal: “Anyway….Let’s go in.”


Ntsc: “I’m so glad that you’re kind towards pokemon!”

Pal “Boy, am I glad you’re kind toward pokemon”.


Ntsc: “If you weren’t, I’d have to….Uh, I just can’t say it….”

Pal: “If you weren’t, well……I don’t even want to think about it.”


Ntsc: The Pokemon that I met for the first time was a (insert pokemon here)! If you would have chosen a (insert pokemon here) on route 201, we’d have the same pokemon now! Not that it matters, but…. Anyway, I’m (insert other genders name). I also help the professor add pages to the pokedex. So, in a sense, I’m just like you. I just got a little head start on you, that’s all. I’ll be happy to teach you things. Glad to meet you, (insert your own name!)

Pal: “The professor asked me to help, so I’m filling the pokedex pages, too. That makes us comrades working towards the same goal. I’ll teach you stuff later. OK?”

O_O I’m glad they shortened the last one!