First text was from a friend to meet up.

*this made me smile*

second was from my area cleaning manager asking for restock orders.

*the old manager never told us when that was (that perked me up)* 

And the third text was from the  shop I get my beanies from. “There are 3 new  beanies. ^-^ There is a unicorn!”

*That really perked me up.*

The only downside of today was that a cash machine took £10 out of my account but never gave me the money (I was not amused). T-T



3 responses

  1. For the cash machine, contact your bank. Explain that the machine you used, did not give out any money – but still deducted it out from your account. Tell them the time, date, location and what machine you used. See if they refund you.

    1. T-T Too much faff .
      ^_^ I learned a lesson: when the machine starts making funny sounds get your card out and report the machine soon as possible (It wasn’t a huge loss money-wise).

      1. you can have your bf deal with the bank on your behalf. If you feel like this will be too much stress. but that’s just a suggestion. it’s up to you though. good tip as well.

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