Danganronpa ending (reaction)


That ending really caught me off guard.

^_o This anime was brought to you by the hope’s peak film club (There was a clue in the credits).

Turns out are main lead is not a ghost and the white haired girl isn’t a cyborg (it does say a lot about me when that’s my initial guess).  6 were left in the end with only their own investigation skills to answer the biggest question of the all: The mystery of why they were in that building to begin with.

*I don’t know what the original episode 13 was like because the DVD that I have says the episode is the director’s cut (added content).*

I don’t really understand what happened outside the school walls part from people fell into despair….why? Why did everyone just lose hope???The way this plot twist is presented to the audience makes you question if there even was an apocalypse.

In the end we see the 6 survivors all coupled up ready to take on whatever is behind that super eye blinding light beam sealed behind the huge metal door  (what the heck was behind that door to create such a blinding light?).

I personally don’t think I would have been able to enjoy this anime as much if I wasn’t watching it in dub. You need to be paying close attention to every detail In order to try and come to the solution and understand how we got there (It’s hard to read subs and try to deduce a mystery at the same time).

I personal found the anime to be hit or miss however, I know my DB found it to be one of the most mentally stimulating anime he has seen.

  *It’s going to be odd when we start watching on demand anime together.*


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  1. I don’t know if they’re still there, but YouTube had the original game trials to see the full visual-novel experience. The final trial is almost three hours long so they build up the stuff to a more believable level. Might help! xD

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