pokemon picross

O_O This has to be the best picross I have played.

I have gotten to Area 5 and now can’t proceed however, When you pay money for cubes in this game you are in fact slowing purchasing the full game (once you buy 5000 cubes: about £28.78 you are then given them for free).

^-o This game has MEGA CROSS! Y_Y we picross fans shall sit and laugh at all the poor new players as they are look upon there screens complexly flummoxed by how confusing the puzzle is (Took me months to figure out how they worked).

I’m not a fan of the energy bar that goes down each time you hit one square on the puzzle (I have never seen such an odd timer based system).

The game does have its own version of Micross where you have to collect special tiles from random levels in order to play secret puzzles and complete the huge portraits.


All picross fan should be familiar with:

Blue force, rising/slash reveal (its standard game play in the picrossE games).

What will be new to picross players:

Cross, square, diamond, scatters reveal (these power ups make the game too easy for me).

^_^ All players have wished for these power ups to be in the original E series games:

Auto fix, Auto fix X and hyper scan! There is no feeling worse in picross than doing a huge puzzle and discovering you have made one small mistake.

The other two are slow time and freeze time.


I’m interested to  learn what are the level locked away under a password?



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