Them odd family questions

Dad: “Can I ask you a question Lea.”

Me: “Sure.”

Dad: what’s teabagging?

*I go red*

Me:“why do you want to know?”

Dad: “Your  brother almost  through a tea bag at someone while chucking it in the bin. he said “sorry sir I almost teabagged you” and everyone laughed….why?”

Me: “It means to drop ones testicles on to someones face.”

Dad:“oh! that was a bit blunt.”

Mum: “Your  daughter has always been strait to the point.”

Me: “It’s a popular taunt on call of duty.”

Mum: “Do you get to see it in game?”

Me: “His bare balls?”

Mum: “yes”

Me: “no”

Mun: “That’s no fun.”


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