more picross

XD I’m sorry that I’m such a big picross addict (just of 300 hours of picross game play).

since Pokemon picross has come out I have been looking into what people think of the game and in what time they can complete the puzzles……abysmally it seems.

^-o payed about £10 (1800 Picrite) and got rid of that annoying timer along with doubling my puzzles with mega cross and unlocked  loads of areas.

don’t really understand the microtransaction complaints: random person“It will cost you a load to beat it.”

once you pay for 5000 Picrite that’s it……O_O I know console games that make you spend more in game then what this asks you for! once you get that counter on the shop to 0 you have payed for the full game.



2 responses

  1. A tenner seems fine for a game that gives you so much enjoyment. Some people are sensitive about micro transactions because greedy developers have charged an arm and a leg in the past for very little.

    1. ^_^ You get a lot in this game.
      Don’t think I would have bought this game if it was £30 strait up in the Eshop (I can perfectly understand why its pay as you progress).

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