T-o odd reaction.

Last week I went to the city to find some presents for my family. While there I popped into one of the smaller shops (box room small) looking for something nice to put on DB’s little tree (currently filled with mushrooms and robins).

Shop owner: “Hello princess”

Me: *What do I say, what do I say, what do I say!*

Unfortunately for the shopkeeper I become really quiet when I’m around new people.

Shop owner: What do you really want for Christmas this year?

Me: “I desire nothing.”

Shop owner: “You must want something”

Me: “There are things I would like but, there is nothing I desperately desire.”

Shop owner: ^-^“You’re high on life”

Me: O­-o. . . . .

Mum says I’ve always been content With what I had…..Which is why I always got very confused when my old schools would force me to complain or face punishment.


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