update 9/12/2015

^-o Need a plan!

I want this blog to be about anime however, at the moment that is proving to be a struggle thanks to ether: not being in the mood when I get home or not being there most of the time.

I have been spending a load more time at db’s house thanks to it being closer to my second job and giving me a quite open space to relax.

U-U Think i might need to consider getting a laptop  (least I can write in my free time).




2 responses

  1. That might be a good idea Icy. However it is understandable, you’re holding down 3 jobs is it?. Having a laptop, can indeed help you draft out your reviews or at least watch some anime.

    1. TT-TT I need the internet to watch anime (DB doesn’t have it).
      guess I could read the mountain of manga on the shelf.

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