T-T Forgot my body goes into spasms

XD Its been so long since my brain has had strong emotional/sensory impulses that I forgot my body goes into painful spasms (can’t handle it).

T-o Got into a little verbal scuffle with a customer outside, when I entered the building I spotted that my hand was starting to violently shake.

Me: “not now.”

I managed to get into the back when I fell to my knees in pain (entire body shaking by this point).

Over the years I have learned a cool trick in order to regain control of my mind fast..  In order to make sure my body can always relax my mind made me a backup consciousness that will override the panicked brain in order to bring the dominate consciousness back to manageable levels.

I got up and started to go down the check list:

  • spasms
  • dehydration
  • body gives up/no more energy

Lucky for me I had almost finished work for that day meaning that I wound’t have to push myself for that long.

T_T I feel mildly annoyed by the experience.


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