T-o everyone is so grumpy

The lack of sun light is really eating away at people now seeing as I haven’t seen one person today that was in any kind of chipper mood.

Went to the 3rd shop “I was asked to clean” and they start telling me work days I was not aware of.  My manager told me “3 days maybe more.”

O_O The way they were going on about it I was going to be working there for 2 weeks!

Me: “If that does happen I won’t be here on Boxing Day however, I will be here on the Sunday.”

I don’t think they realized I don’t work Sundays.

*T-T over hear them talking.*

“How dare she take boxing day off what right does she have, I have to work boxing day!”

  1. I work for a cleaning company not your shop.
  2. I didn’t have to take this job so close to Christmas.
  3. I’m not taking a day off technically.

T-o I usually have Sunday off each week but I asked my area manager If I could swap the two days and he said yes.

I can’t work Sunday I would go way over the legal working hours.


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