Could we make one anime blog for everyone?

I know this might sound a little nuts but hear me out.

When new anime bloggers start-up they have a really hard time being spotted though the tundra of post that fill the anime feed pulling them down and lowering their chances of being spotted.

There are great anime reviews out there that get passed over just because the blogger only post every 1-2 weeks.

If we had one blog to post anime reviews/impressions on to we would no longer have to worry about trying to lure traffic in singularly each day.


T-o It would take a while before it could be operational.

I would need Administrators (no way could I manage a blog like that on my own).

*concept stage*



2 responses

  1. For new bloggers it can be really tough for them. The best advice out there for them, is to introduce themselves to other bloggers – and create a small network around them. Problem is, most don’t. They rather stay on their own blog, afraid of any “trolls” or a idiotic rabid fan running their mouth(s) off.
    Classic powell from Weekly anime review has quit blogging, which is a shame.

    1. ^-o They need support,advice and help to get them on there feet.You can’t spend your life fearing internet trolls, your best off facing your fear head on learning when to walk away from a fight.

      XD anime review class 101: If you are a new blogger never review a currently/old show that has a huge following (there is a high chance there will be rabid fan’s connected to it).

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