Pokemon Platinum dialogue

^_o I  decided to play Pokemon Platinum again because of chuggaaconroy’s new lets play….XD and too my shock I discovered there is a lot of differences between the  dialogue of these two different region games.

Ntsc: “You left your briefcase at the lake!”

Pal:  “You left your briefcase behind at the lake.”


Ntsc: “pardon?!”

Pal: “Wha?!”


Ntsc “Those pokemon are hard to replace. Are you sure about giving them away?”

Pal: “Those pokemon are crucial. You’re giving them away?”


Ntsc: “Professor! Wait for me, please!”

Pal: “Professor! Wait for me!”


Ntsc: I’m sorry. . . Please let me pass.

Pal: Uh, sorry, folks.


Ntsc: “Oh! There you are! Please, come with me! The professor is waiting!”

Pal: “Hi! I’ve been waiting for you! Please, come with me. The prof’s waiting to see you.”


Ntsc: “This is it! Our pokemon Research Lab!”

Pal: “See? This is our pokemon Research Lab.”


Ntsc: “Lets’s go…..”

Pal: “We’ll just go ahead and….”


Ntsc: “Wow, what was that?”

Pal: “What was that?!”


Ntsc: “Your friend sure seems to be really impatient.”

Pal: “Your friend always seems to be in a rush.”


Ntsc: “well, anyway…..Let’s go inside.”

Pal: “Anyway….Let’s go in.”


Ntsc: “I’m so glad that you’re kind towards pokemon!”

Pal “Boy, am I glad you’re kind toward pokemon”.


Ntsc: “If you weren’t, I’d have to….Uh, I just can’t say it….”

Pal: “If you weren’t, well……I don’t even want to think about it.”


Ntsc: The Pokemon that I met for the first time was a (insert pokemon here)! If you would have chosen a (insert pokemon here) on route 201, we’d have the same pokemon now! Not that it matters, but…. Anyway, I’m (insert other genders name). I also help the professor add pages to the pokedex. So, in a sense, I’m just like you. I just got a little head start on you, that’s all. I’ll be happy to teach you things. Glad to meet you, (insert your own name!)

Pal: “The professor asked me to help, so I’m filling the pokedex pages, too. That makes us comrades working towards the same goal. I’ll teach you stuff later. OK?”

O_O I’m glad they shortened the last one!



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