^-^ went well!

O_O My body was a little numb by the end of the night however, I’m just glad that I managed to last even that long with people my head is not familiar with.

XD I do love what my head picked as a confiscation starter:

me: “At night it is said that ghost sheep roam the streets of Leeds”

other person: “why?”

Me: “It’s just a random legend I know.  It’s kind of like How I know Manchester means breast shaped hill (The man used to be mam).”

other person: “Do you know anything strange about Liverpool?”

Me: “They have a giant banana sheep.”

other person: *giggles*

Me: “You don’t believe me do you?

other person: “No, I don’t believe Liverpool has a  giant banana sheep.”


One day I will convince people you exist Superlambanana!

\^-o/ As tradition on this blog here is what people gifted me 25/12/2015:

  • chocolate: 3 boxes
  • pocket watch
  • whist watch
  • lava lamp
  • 1234 QI facts
  • glass vase
  • newton’s cradle
  • squirrel mug
  • logo lite (bored game)
  • spider brooch
  • The third QI book of general ignorance
  • plush bear
  • body wash
  • perfume
  • jellyfish speakers
  • XD The guide to mushrooms and toadstools!

I’m glad DB waited for me to get to his before he opened his present from me. He was completely speechless when he removed that wrapping paper to find a brand new 1TB xboxone in front of him with fallout 4.




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