The visual problem with fallout 4

The problem that  I see with this game had NOTHING to do with what kind of visuals this console should be capable of.

The problem that I have visually with this game is that the character models clash with the background. You can see just how much love went into making sure this world was detailed and explorable however, in contrast you can tell that no one thought to  try and make sure that the people that you were going to see throughout this world would harmonized with the spirit of the game (they look out of place).

*It’s not good when all the humans you meet look like poorly rendered zombies in a world filled with radiation.*

O_O The best way I could describe it is like  placing 64 Mario’s character model into galaxy (the clash would be rip-lash inducing).

If you pick a style go all the way! 

^_^ part from that the game is good.


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