T-T Think I was ill

When I was at DB’s yesterday I fell asleep for most of the time i was there. I was extremely sorry to my friend but my body just didn’t want to keep itself awake.

Normally I would put this the exhaustion however this time my body was in a lot of pain and even food and lucozade could not get my body to start moving in anyway. O_O my sweet DB was so worried that he gave me a lift home (didn’t want me to claps on my way to the bus station).

Today my body rested for 12 hours and I still feel disbalanced.

* ^_^ I had a dream where I pulled a game boy colour out of a mini robots tummy.*

I personally think my body is ill because for the entirety of the day  there was zero sunlight! You would have swan it was night in what was meant to be the morning with how dark the sky was.


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