Coppelion first impression


O_o……where do I start?

What is this anime about? I’m not 100% sure for the anime hasn’t explicitly explained what is happening.  “When, where, why and how.” 4 simple question your show should be able to answer.

I think there was a nuclear explosion in Tokyo….not sure how long ago seeing as our oldest main girl is 18 and has been genetically created specifically to not be contaminated by high levels of radiation.  I mention the time gap because a lot of the people living in this eradicated city act as if they are going to die any second if the super human girls don’t give them a special antidote that called ether, also you have to wonder how these people have lived so long not being aware of where the overly radiated zones are located.

There is an annoying character in this anime called Aoi however, for some unknown reason every time the anime says this characters name its almost always sounds like owie. While we are on the topic of this character can I ask one question: What purpose does she serve in this team?

XD  For ages I stared at how the girls walked I thought something seemed off, until DB blurted out the answer.

DB: “Those girls don’t have butts.”

*I stare at the screen*

Icy: “I don’t understand why they didn’t just make the skirts longer.”

Should I bring up the dog, sorry the wolf (randomly changed 3 episodes in) that changes colour multiple times in one episode.

Should I talk about how in many scenes characters don’t look like they have been coloured in or how animation makes no sense. There is one episode where a woman in holding a child while dangling off a building, when she falls the child is no longer in her hands and is randomly siting by are main character….did I miss something there?   What I don’t get about that scene is why didn’t Ibara just swing the woman onto the lower level of the building????

^-o The thing about buying anime dvd’s is that once you pay you’re obligated to stay.


3 responses

  1. You should seriously continue it, and that’s beyond the reason of you buying the DVD. Aoi may seem like a moeblob now. Expect more. XD
    Tho, imo, the manga has more in store, and the anime just leaves you confused every single time. Still, it’s an okay series to boot. :bd

  2. Forget the length of their skirts… why are they even wearing skirts on a mission to patrol a nuclear wasteland?

    The series isn’t great, but it picks up a bit later on (in a mindless action sort of way.)

    1. I can’t figure out why there wearing school uniforms in the wasteland?

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