ERASED first impression

CaptureDidn’t see that plot twist coming…but, I did see the stabbing coming a mile off.

First things first, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR MOUTH! The mother looks like she has a constant duck face that can destroy the feel of any serious moment . O_O I found myself starring at her every time she showed up.

This anime is about a guy who gets frown into the past and has to figure out what was wrong before he catches up with the moment he jumped. ^-o I will let all my questions about such a power pass as anime logic for the story this anime is spinning is a lot more interesting then asking about what age did he learn how to do this and what is the deal with all them blue butterfly’s?

This episode introduces us to how his powers work along with what happened to him as a child…..that’s it.  A huge chuck of this anime is just showing you the day to day life of are main lead. it’s not what I would call boring but, when you think about how the episode ends it does feel a little bit like pointless filler (unless the girl becomes relevant latter in the story).

^-o This episode is very much a prologue into the main story/plot that will be staring in episode 2.


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