coppelion midway impression


6 episodes in and we finally meet the cleaning crew.

T-o I’m at the midway point now and I’m sick and tired of these 3 girls! There not interesting enough to pull along a story about a city that’s been abended and walled off after a nuclear explosion (I think it was an explosion, they haven’t really explained it that well).

I feel that this anime is trying to tell a story but is missing one important element PROGRETION (there have been way too many isolated stories). It should not take this many episode to establish an enemy, character chemistry or a simple conflict to keep the story interesting.

I can’t figure out if they are mutated human or preprogramed genetically engendered humans.  If they were orphans chosen for illegal experimentation it explain why they have so much free though and emotions. If they genetically engendered for birth they should be almost robot like with how they follow orders and protocol (they would know no different).

I’m not interested to see where this anime is going.



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