rant legend of drizzt homeland by ra salvatore

^-o I have never yelled so much at a book in my life.

“Yes” agreed Malice. “The same was to be done to Zaknafein, but the unexpected death of Matron Vartha, my mother, disrupted the plans”

“That was when you became the matron mother” Maya said.

“Yes” replied Malice, “though I had not passed my first century of life and was still training in Arach. Tinilith. It was not a pleasant time in the history of House Do’Urden”

“But we survived” said Briza. “With the death of Matron Vartha, Nalfein and I became nobles of the house”

  1. Zaknafein is a century younger then Malice meaning he would have not been born yet.
  2.  Zaknafein was a commoner  (he gain the Do’Urden name when be became Malice’s lover and the weapon master).
  3. If malice was still in school she would have been around 50 years old at the time.
  4. Briza was born before Nalfein.
  5. Briza was born around Malices first full century.
  6. Malice would have already been a noble of house Do’Urden (she was Vartha daughter).

Y_Y How can people say this book is 5 star material  when it’s filled with logic problem like this.


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