Tsuritama ending (reaction)


Did all the fish that rained upon the city die? One could only imagine the smell.

So the day was saved from the corrupted fish alien that forced people to dance using magical water…..ONLY IN ANIME!

It’s been so long since I had any passion to watch anime. As of recently a lot of anime have not been able to capture my interest forcing me to pull my way through loads of uninteresting episodes which slowly sucked away my enthusiasm to watch anything when I had free time.

This show last 3 epic episodes showed me there are shows out there that do have that magic which pulled me into anime initially! U-U Though the sea of dancing space fish might be vast there will always be one colourful lure to pull you back into the true realty of why you loved to fish to begin with.

It’s odd to think how such a goofy show managed to pull off an ending with so much tension. There were dancing ducks and men in squeaky suits running around yet, I still wanted to see this characters successfully fish out the sea dragon.

How did a goofy show like this pull it off?  O_O I keep asking myself and no answer can come to mind.

^_o This is definitely on my top 10 favourite anime list.


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